"Seriously, what's the deal with the hat?"

If you've seen me in person or in photographs, you've probably noticed that I am almost always seen with a particular baseball cap. 

It's the black one with a picture of country music artist and rodeo champion Chris LeDoux riding the bucking bronc Stormy Weather next to the singer's name.

Photo by John Engelhardt

Photo by John Engelhardt

So, why do I wear this particular hat? A bulleted list seems appropriate...

  • I like the way the hat fits my head. Most hats don't fare as well, so I stick with what's comfortable.

  • I think Chris LeDoux is a good musician.

  • I've been balding since my early 20s, Matt Hasselbeck-style. This doesn't stop the process, but at least it gives folks something else to look at.

  • It holds stuff. It's like a utility belt on my head.

  • It's a good ice-breaker. People who recognize and like Chris LeDoux immediately have a talking point from which to start a conversation. People who don't recognize him often inquire and the discussion starts there. One would suppose there is a third group that does not recognize the artist and somehow has a negative impression of him anyway. I haven't met anyone in the third group, and quite frankly, I don't want to.

  • Association. People might not remember my name or who I work for off the top of their heads, but they might remember the guy with the hat, and hopefully that the guy with the hat will do right by them.