Handicapping the Kentucky Derby with screencaps from The Office

You can go to any number of sources and find thoughtful, pertinent analysis of this year's Kentucky Derby field, from just about every angle imaginable. Instead, you've found yourself on the website of the guy who looks at the race via haiku. I save my thoughtfulness for the day job.

As such, I'm always looking to find new, unorthodox ways to analyze the Kentucky Derby field. In addition to The Haiku Handicapper, I broke down last year's Derby by assigning each runner an emoji to best suit their chances or characteristics. I had a few ideas kicking around in my head for this year's race, so I put up to a Twitter vote, and this was the result....


So be it. The Office is one of my favorite shows, and thanks to the wonders of Netflix, I've watched most of the episodes enough times to recall the scenes that can apply to everyday life. If I come across a plasma screen TV, I know what to say before I even say it.

With this back catalog of Office quotes rattling around in my brain, I wanted to see if I could assign a fitting screencap and/or quote to each entry in this year's Kentucky Derby. No commentary, no context. Just the horse's name and a screencap. This turned out to be a bigger challenge than one might think, but it also produced some pleasant surprises.

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#1 - Firenze Fire

Firenze Fire.jpg

#2 - Free Drop Billy

Free Drop Billy.jpg

#3 - Promises Fulfilled

Promises Fulfilled.jpg

#4 - Flameaway


#5 - Audible


#6 - Good Magic

Good Magic.jpg

#7 - Justify


#8 - Lone Sailor

Lone Sailor.jpg

#9 - Hofburg


#10 - My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack.png

#11 - Bolt d'Oro

Bolt d'Oro.jpg

#12 - Enticed


#13 - Bravazo


#14 - Mendelssohn


#15 - Instilled Regard

Instilled Regard.jpg

#16 - Magnum Moon

Magnum Moon.png

#17 - Solomini


#18 - Vino Rosso

Vino Rosso.jpg

#19 - Noble Indy

Noble Indy.png

#20 - Combatant


#21 AE - Blended Citizen

Blended Citizen.jpg